Collection: Indomie - Instant Noodles

The most well-known flavor of Indomie in the United States is Mi Goreng which translates as stir-fry noodles. In traditional Indonesian and other Asian households, Mi Goreng is a simple noodle dish prepared with spices, soy sauce, vegetables, and, if preferred, meat and eggs.

Mi Goreng is a versatile package of noodles rich in flavor from 5 different spices: the seasoning powder, fried onion flakes, vegetable oil with garlic, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce (use according to taste). The flavor is so universally accepted that it becomes the standard-bearer of Indomie in many countries in the world. All this in a package and a 3-minute preparation time make Indomie Mi Goreng the most popular Indomie in the United States, so much so that there is simply no other competition in the market for Indomie Mi Goreng.

Also available in soup-based noodles: the Special Chicken, Curry Chicken, Onion Chicken, and Vegetable Soup. Indulge in the spices from the islands of Indonesia, an escape from the ordinary.