Collection: RUF

In everyday cooking and baking, there are a few invisible helpers that might not end up in the limelight but are nevertheless indispensable. We’re talking about baking powder and vanilla sugar. Create your culinary masterpieces with RUF’s baking and cooking ingredients. A 100-year success story Early years On 16 November 1920, Clemens Rump and Hubert Flerlage laid the foundations for the company now known as RUF – which began life as Rump & Flerlage oHG. They probably could never have imagined in their wildest dreams that a factory manufacturing dessert and cream powder would come so far in almost 100 years that followed. Yet Hubert Flerlage’s specialist expertise in producing dessert powder and Clemens Rump’s solid business acumen and entrepreneurial ambition combined to create a company whose guiding principle still stands the test of time: offering the best quality at the right price. Of course, the company and product branding should also reflect this claim. Accordingly, the new brand name RUF ultimately emerged from the initial letters of Rump and Flerlage.