NV by Eagle Brand Oil, isn't just a fragrance, it's a lifestyle. It's also, NOT REAL.…

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Rona is a Los Angeles-based fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur. Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting, Rona lived in Tokyo where she debuted as a fashion model and began working behind the scenes on photoshoots. After a few years working in the fashion industry as a model, she took an interest in production and began working as creative director and lead for over forty photoshoots across Asia.



damnboy! is a multi-talented artist, singer/songwriter & producer with a unique blend of genres. His hard work & talent soon paid off with his very first single called How High? Debuting at 96 on Billboard Hot 100 & became the #1 song in Hawaii & all of the South Pacific from Summer 2018 - Summer 2019. Currently damnboy! is releasing songs consistently & plans on releasing his first debut Alt Pop Album “nvr ending UNKNOWN” beginning of MAY 2024.