Singbera Ginger Citrus Fizz - Friday After Five

Singbera Ginger Citrus Fizz - Friday After Five

Finally, it is Friday after five! so let's go do some partying! Whether it is in your house or your friend's house, make some drinks that would impress them. This right here is a simple drink that can wow people. Try our Singabera Ginger Citrus Fizz. With a hint of orange and ginger, this will make your body warm and refreshed. We don't need to peel the ginger or crush it and strain the juice out; Singabera Premium Ginger Drink will provide it for you!

Don't ask about the quality and freshness. This premium ginger drink is made from the fresh ginger grown in the hills around Solo, Indonesia. Singabera is committed to creating the highest quality products derived from natural plants, while minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to the local community for maximum positive impact.

Here is the recipe,

You will need:

- 1 Sachet of Singabera Ginger Drink Original

- 1 Can of Lime soda

- Orange Navel (Or any kind of orange)

- 6 fl oz (175ml) of cold water. You can add more ice and it is optional

- 2 margarita glasses (Fancy or regular) 

How to make it:

- Cut the orange into wedges

- Place some of the Singabera Ginger Drink Original on a small, shallow plate. Rim two glasses with the orange wedge, then dip them in the powder to coat the rims.

- Simply dissolve Singabera Ginger Drink original with cold water or 3 spoon of hot water if you want it dissolve quicker.

- 1 Sachet of Singabera Ginger Drink can make 2 fancy margarita glasses, so it all depends on the glass you use and how strong the flavor you prefer.

- Pour the Sprite to the top of the glass.

Now enjoy the party!

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